Dr Violet Naanyu

Photograph of Dr Violet Naanyu

Position: Associate Professor

Email: vnaanyu@gmail.com

Project(s): Africa Ethics Working Group

Violet is an Associate Professor in the Department of Behavioral Sciences, Moi University School of Medicine, Kenya.

Violet’s training is in sociology (Indiana University, USA), and anthropology (University of Amsterdam, Netherlands) and her research focuses on health-related projects in Kenya, including individual and socio-cultural factors around illness, health and healthcare. She is particularly interested in evaluations designed to improve health care and health care delivery in resource-limited settings.

Recent publications report on lay perceptions of breast cancer in Western Kenya, linkage to hypertension and HIV care in Western Kenya, bridging income generation with group Integrated care and sexual learning among East African adolescents. Her work uses participatory research method an approach which ensures collaborations with research participants and other stakeholders in the formulation and application of the research.

Violet is a Board Member of the National Bioethics Committee, National Commission for Science Technology and Innovations, Kenya. She is also a Co-Field Director of Research for the Indiana University-Kenya Partnership and a Consultant Researcher for the Centre of Excellence in Women & Child Health at Aga Khan University, Nairobi.