Africa Ethics Working Group

The Africa Ethics Working Group (AEWG) is part of the Oxford Global Initiative in Neuropsychiatric GenEthics (NeuroGenE) and has been set up to respond to questions relating to ethical issues in two projects: Neuropsychiatric Genetics in African Populations (NeuroGAP) and Neurodevelopmental Disorders in Kenya (NeuroDEV). NeuroGAP and NeuroDEV form part of the Stanley Center’s initiative to grow its genetic collections worldwide.

AEWG members are ethics consultants for regional Principal Investigators, and active ethics researchers within the field of psychiatric genomics. AEWG members engage with burgeoning ethics issues, drawing from a wide range of expertise across different disciplines including; neuro-ethics, psychiatry, psychology, mental health, bioethics, philosophy, social science, and public health.


Project Members

Photograph of Dr Dorcas M Kamuya
Dorcas Kamuya
Photograph of Adamu Addissie
Adamu Addissie
Rosemary Musesengwa
Photograph of Dr Violet Naanyu
Dr Violet Naanyu
Photograph of Dr Janet Nakigudde
Janet Nakigudde
Kiran Manku
Photograph of Ilina Singh
Ilina Singh