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Citizens: EIE investigates young people’s moral attitudes to, and judgements about predictive technologies and early intervention strategies in psychiatry. Working with young people from the outset, the project encompasses a number of different studies, described below.

Citizens: EIE works closely with young people who access different services; including mental health and special educational needs, continuing a longstanding commitment to supporting the inclusion of young people in ethics research and development. All stages of the project are developed with the support of a Young Person’s Advisory Group, which you can read about here. Citizens: EIE also organises a series of work experience and mentorship schemes for young people. More details about individual projects can be explored on the NEUROSEC website using the main menu or the ‘links’ column on the right of this page. Further detail about individual projects is available on the dedicated BeGOOD website, by clicking the links below.

  • Tracing Tomorrow: An innovative game for mobile and web, to investigate young people’s attitudes towards data tracking technologies for Mental Health. In a parallel study, we will be comparing how playing a game to report preferences differs from more traditional methodologies
  • Digital Diaries : A study that explores young people’s moral experiences in everyday life using innovative digital diary methodology.
  • Grandchildren of Alzheimer’s Patients: Illness Representations and Attitudes towards Genetic Testing : A study involving grandchildren of Alzheimer’s patients to explore their understanding of Alzheimer’s and attitudes towards predictive genetic testing.
  • Can your phone be your therapist?: A collaboration with the young people’s advisory group to develop minimum ethical guidelines for automated conversational agents in mental health support. The views of this study are shared via a BBC Tomorrow’s World Clip.
  • What lies ahead?: A collaborative project of seven junior researchers, led by postdoc Gabriela Pavarini, to explore young people’s attitudes towards predictive testing in mental health.
  • An empirical bioethics study of young people’s moral attitudes towards advances in autism genomics: A DPhil project by Arianna Manzini, investigating adolescents’ moral attitudes regarding the ethical implications of identifying genes and neural markers for the prevention of autism.
  • Ed-Tech & Ethics: Monitoring Suicide Risk in Schools: A DPhil project by Jessica Lorimer to explore the deeper implications of new Mental Health technologies, and how they bear upon our understanding of schools’ duty of care and responsibility
 As the title reveals, Citizens: EIE seeks a richer understanding of the concept of citizenship as it relates to child development. It further seeks an increased awareness of the ways in which childhood environments and experiences shape moral attitudes and perspectives.
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Project Members

Gabriela Pavarini
David Lyreskog
Arianna Manzini
Jessica Lorimer
Vanessa Bennett
Eddie Jacobs
Geoffrey Mawdsley
Taylor Dillon